Safari Extension to replace map links to be opened with the map app of your choice

Apple Maps

Google Maps

HERE WeGo Maps

Bing Maps

Instructions how to use?

You can enable Map Redirect with the following steps

1. Enable Map Redirect as Safari Extension in your Settings

2. In Safari, search for location. For example, type London or go to

3. In Safari, enable the Map Redirect extension to get access to the webpage you are visiting.

4. If asked for access, you may select to allow for one day or to always allow.

5. In Map Redirect select your target.
For example: we select Apple Maps

6. Map Redirect will now scan the webpage for map links and convert them to be opened in Apple Maps. You may always select a different target.

7. Click on any map link

8. Map Redirect will now take you to London in Apple Maps


Map links can appear in various forms with different parameters. Map Redirect tries to detect and convert them as much as possible to your desired target. It may happen that some links to not work as expected.

In case Map Redirect does not work on a specific webpage, please contact us and let us know the URL to check and fix it. Thank you for contributing.